Monday, February 23, 2009


1. Fill out all student information on the pledge sheet accurately and completely.

2. Collect ONLY flat donations starting today. Remember to educate donor on the cause you are jumping for (new supplies for Osuna).

3. Fill out sponsor information completely and accurately.

4. Students will jump during their PE class the week of February 21st – February 24th.

5. All money is due no later than March 9th and since they are NOT receiving money per jump you can receive pledges after your child has jumped.

ALL MONEY IS DUE FEBRUARY 29th! All money turned in after will disqualify you for prizes!

If you would like to keep your pledge sheet please make a copy before turning in money, as they will not be returned. You will receive credit for the actual money received, not money stated on the pledge sheet.

Questions? Contact Coach Tainter at 615-1435 or

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